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Play MKV Video Files in VLC Player Easily


VLC Player can be considered as one of the best open source media players on the market. It's free and can handle anything. However, a lot of users from time to time seek for solutions to fix VLC not playing MKV files.

"I have heard that the VLC Player can afford MKV format. But the fact is that I can not play MKV files with out experiencing several problems, such as grainy pixelated images, skipping, freezing, stuttering or slow motion videos. I must be doing something wrong. Do you know how to play MKV files on computer?"

"Hi Everyone! I have downloaded a .MKV file from internet, and it has file size of 357 MB. When I had tried opening it with some of Media Players such as
Windows Media Player, this error "Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file."
VLC Media Player, this error "unsupported format" showed up. What video player do you use? I think I should get a VLC alternative"

If you are also in the trouble of playing MKV in VLC player, this article will definitely solve the MKV playback issues on computer for you. Basically, there are two solutions for you to follow.

Solution One: Download MKV codec pack

VLC Media Player will play most .mkv files, but will not play some. The reason is that the plugin VLC uses to play .mkv files is outdated and must be replaced with the current version if you want to play all .mkv files.

The plugin VLC uses to play .mkv is a .dll file (libmkv_plugin.dll) which is libmatroska.dll. After downloading libmatroska.dll rename it libmkv_plugin.dll and replace the old one in VLC Plugin Folder. This should resolve any problems VLC has with .mkv files. If you still can not get MKV played in VLC, the second solution should help you out.

Solution Two: Play MKV Files with Best VLC Alternative

Rather than finding solutions to "Does VLC play MKV?", "How can I import MKV to VLC?", "How to stop VLC freezing", why not try to switch to another powerful media player as so many good players are available online. Among those you can try, an all-around free MKV player named Brorsoft 8K Video Player (Mac version). This VLC alternative is embedded with 450+ video codec and 180+ audio codec such that there is no need to install a third party software, or plug-ins, or download any codec pack.

Steps to play MKV videos via Brorsoft 8K Video Player

First: Download Brorsoft 8K Video Player on computer

pro-mac-trial.png pro-win-trial.png

Second: Launch this best VLC alternative.

Three: Drag&drop the MKV file to this VLC alternative and it will play it with superb quality right away. Just enjoy!


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