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How to Rip Blu-ray Movies for Watching on iPhone7/7 Plus


iPhone 7/7 Plus, new generation Apple iPhone has been launched in September 2016, steady at 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches. The next features of iPhone7/7 Plus will be a good news for the people who likes watching the movies and videos on the iPhone:

Apple's updated Retina HD displays are 25% brighter than the screens on last year's iPhones(iPhone 6/6 Plus).
The base model will now include 32GB of storage, the mid-tier model has 128GB and the top tier packs 256GB of storage.
iPhone 7/7 Plus will have the longest battery life ever in an iPhone.?An iPhone 7 lasts, on average,?two hours longer than an iPhone 6s and an hour longer than iPhone 6s Plus.

That is to say you can get better experiences than ever for watching videos and movies, and store larger movies for your long time journey.

Now that iPhone 7/7 Plus packs with huge storage, why not whiching the Blu-ray movies on it directly? This article will show you the simplest way to rip the Blu-ray movies to your iPhone 7/7 Plus.

Tip: You can also setup Plex and get Blu-ray movies into Plex for streaming to your iPhone 7/7 Plus for watching anytime and anywhere. Or rip and copy DVD movies on iPhone 7/7 Plus directly.

How can a Blu-ray playable on iPhone 7/7 Plus?

As we all know that iPhone 7/7 Plus doesn’t has ablity to read and play the the Blu-ray directly. Not beacuse iPhone 7/7 Plus doesn’t ship with Blu-ray Hard Drive and Blu-ray Player, licensing is the main issue keeping Blu-ray away from iPhone 7/7 Plus, even for all the Apple products. You can directly purchase the Blu-ray movies on the iTunes store, and watching on your Mac or streaming via iTunes to your iPhone 7/7 Plus.

However, for those Blu-ray discs you have purchsed, is there a way to watching on iPhone 7/7 Plus? To play and watch Blu-ray movies on iPhone 7/7 Plus, Brorsoft Blu-ray Ripper should be take into your consideration. Red the reviews: Top 5 Blu-ray Ripping Programs.

With Brorsoft Blu-ray Ripper, you can even Copy and Backup Blu-ray Movies on macOS Sierra.
Rip and Convert Blu-ray to H.264, MP4, MKV (Top 5 Blu-ray to MKV Converter for Mac Review), AVI, etc.
Besides rip and copy dvd for iPhone 7/7 Plus, you can rip/transfer Blu-ray to iPad Pro, iPad Mini 4/iPad Mini 3, Playback with PS4/PS3.
Rip 3D Blu-ray for Viewing in ZEISS VR ONE, Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift DK2, Freefly VR, Archos VR Glasses,ect.
Store Blu-ray Digitally on Synology NAS Drive for Streaming, to Dropbox for Viewing Anywhere.
Import Blu-ray footage to Sony Vegas Pro, FCP, iMovie, etc for further editing.
If you like, you can set bitrate, frame rate, codec, channels, sample rate, etc to adjust parameters for iPhone 7/7 Plus and other devices and media player.

Trial-before-purchase version provide, DOWNLOAD the Blu-ray trail version:

download_windows.gif download_mac.gif

(Note: Click here for OS X 10.5)

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How to rip Blu-rays to iPhone 7/7 Plus?

Step 1: Insert your Blu-ray disc into your BD drive, run the Blu-ray Ripper and click "BD/DVD disc" icon to load movies. You can also import movies files from Blu-ray folder, ISO.


Tips: You can backup your BD content to your PC and watch with media player directly such as VLC. There are two options for you:

a. Backup Blu-ray with original structures;

b. Copy movie only from Blu-ray discs

Step 2: Set output file format.

Tap on the "Format" bar, choose iPhone 7/7 Plus best compatible MP4 or H.264 as output file format. To enjoy HD movies or videos on iPhone 7/7 Plus, it is idea for you to choose to output "H.264 HD Video(*.mp4)" under "HD Video" as final output file format.


Step 3: Adjust output profile parameters.

Click "Settings"?on the main interface to open "Profile Settings"?window, if you wish to enjoy HD or 4K movies on iPhone 7/7 Plus, you can adjust the ouput video codec as H.264, resolution as 1080p, 720p or 3840 x 2160 according to your own needs, frame rate as 30fps, audio codec as AAC-LC, bit rate as no more than 160Kbps, sample rate as 48kHZ.


Step 4: Start Blu-ray to iPhone 7/7 Plus conversion process.

Click the "Convert" button to start to convert Blu-ray to iPhone 7/7 Plus. When the conversion is completed, you will have no problem to transfer the ripped Blu-ray to iPhone 7/7 Plus for watching.

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