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How to Add and Embed Subtitles to MP4 Files

Without subtitles, it’s hard to know what’s native speaker saying when watching some foreign movies in a .mp4 format. Do you want to attach your preferred subtitles to the MP4 videos, so that you can play and watch them easily? This article is going to offer two possible solutions to adding subtitles to MP4 videos that you've downloaded or got from other sources.

Solution 1: Attach Subtitles to MP4 with Handbrake

Step 1. You need to find your language subtitle from website.

Step 2. Attaching Subtitles to Movie by Handbrake

Using a common media player like Quicktime or VLC to play the movie, you can also display subtitles simply by putting the subtitle file in the same folder. The only requirement is that both the movie and the subtitle files should go under the same name but with different extensions. Something like "title.mp4" and "title.srt".

Step 3. Open Handbrake and choose the source.

Step 4. Open the Subtitles tab and click "Add external SRT" button.


Now you have finished all steps of embedding subtitles to MP4 movies by released Handbrake. After this simple operation, you can play foreign movie videos with home language.

Important Note: In our tests on inserting subtitles to some downloaded movies using Handbrake on Mac, but not having much success. When tired to add an .srt subtitles to an .mp4 file that we have already converted in Handbrake, Handbrake immediately thinks it has already converted the movie and hence does not add subtitles.

Solution 2: Add (.SRT/.ASS/.SSA) Subtitles to MP4 files with Brorsoft Video Converter Ultimate

Since Handbrake can't add subtitles to MP4 successfully all the time, you can use the best Handbrake alternative like Brorsoft Video Converter Ultimate to get the work done. With it, you can add and load external subtitles(*.srt and *.ass, *.ssa) to MP4 effortlessly.

Beside MP4, it also supports add external subtitles to many other video formats like AVI, MKV, WMV, etc. Plus, this all-in-one program has many other functions to help you edit videos, convert common video formats, and even rip Blu-ray/DVD in one place. If you are running on Mac OS X to add external subtitles to MKV, MP4, AVI, etc, please turn to Brorsoft iMedia Converter for Mac.

download_windows.gif download_mac.gif (Note: Click here for OS X 10.5)

Step 1. Import the MP4 video

After you install and open the converter, you can directly drag the target videos to the program or click "File" to add the MP4 videos. Make sure the subtitle and the video have the same name and they are kept in the same file.


2. Embed subtitles to MP4 movie

Click on "Edit" button, the video editor will pop up. Tap "Subtitle" option and check the "Enable" icon. Then, by clicking on "Browse" to import your *.srt, *.ass, *.ssa subtitle file you've downloaded. Click OK to save the settings.


Tip: You can also add watermark, apply effects, and crop video in the above video editing window.

3. Start adding subtitles to .mp4

If you need convert the MP4 video files to other formats, you can select a format from the Output Format before the conversion. Or just keep MP4 format. Then click Convert and the rest will be finished automatically.

After conversion, you can click Open Folder to locate the video and you'll get the output files with your preferred subtitles added. Enjoy.

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