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How to Get AVI Files to Play on A DVD Player


"How can I convert AVI video files to files that can be burnt and played on a DVD player quickly and easily???? I would like an option that would not be too expensive to buy. If anybody can help me on this it would be much appreciated I find it so hard to get my head around most of this computer stuff!" As the above user, you may wanna play an AVI file on DVD player for enjoyment on big screen. But the problem is that you can't play AVI on your DVD player directly.

Why can't play AVI on DVD player

As far as we know, newer DVD players that are DivX- certified(with the DIVX symbol on it) can read data DVDs with an AVI file encoded in DivX codec. While, if you got some AVI files encoded with Xvid that wouldn't be supported.

How to Play AVI on DVD player

Well, the thing will be much easier, if you convert AVI to DVD player supported format with third-party software. Here, Brorsoft Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate should be the program for you. This is a professional and ideal AVI to DVD player converter. It can fast convert all kinds of AVI files to DVD player compatible DivX and HD DVD player/Blu-ray Disc player compatible DivX HD. In addition, it can also perfectly convert to DivX from all kinds of video formats like WMV, MOV, Xvid, MKV, MPG, and MTS. This ultimate video converter is also built in a video editor, so you can trim, crop, merge video clips as you want.

For Mac users, please turn to Brorsoft iMedia Converter for Mac. Now download the right version of this AVI to DVD Converter according to your computer type and start the conversion.

download_windows.gif download_mac.gif (Note: Click here for OS X 10.5)

Tutorial: Convert and View AVI on DVD Player

1. Simply drag-and-drop your AVI video to the program window or click "Add" button to load AVI files. You can add multiple files at a time an convert them in batch.


2. Click format bar and choose one of the above mentioned DVD player supported video formats. You can choose DivX or MPEG-2 from Common Video as the output format. If you require for high quality, select HD Video > DivX HD(*.avi) as the target format.


Tip: If you like, you can click "Settings" to change the video encoder, resolution, frame rate, etc. as you wish.

3. After all necessary settings, hit on the "Convert" button to start converting AVI to DVD player format. You can view the duration and remaining time of the conversion process, and choose whether to shut down computer and open output folder when conversion completed.

Once the process completes, click the Open button to get the output fillies. Then putting your converted AVIs onto a DVD to play on your TV can be easy.

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