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Top 5 Reasons that You Might Want to Skip iOS 9

In 2015, iOS 9 is all set to be released and the beta versions have already been rolled out. iOS 9 comes with great refinements which will make your device better than before. These changes of the "foundation" include battery optimization which will "cut" battery usage whenever necessary. There is huge excitement among users and people can't wait to get their hands on the complete version. While, there are also some reasons why you might want to avoid installing the iOS 9 upgrade right now. Here, we will share 5 of the top reasons which will convince you to skip the iOS 9 update.

1. Battery Issues


There have been a lot of complains that the beta version tends to drain the battery immensely. You need to be sure that you are taking care of your battery bar. iOS 9 comes with an improved battery meter which lets you see the fine details as to which apps are consuming the maximum battery power. Despite this modification, it has been seen that the battery issues have persisted.

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2. Downgrading Could be a Pain


We all know that the beta versions are not the complete versions and they almost always have some kind of bug and error. While you may be very excited to opt for the new beta release, but ideally you should wait for some time and choosing to opt for public release might be a better idea. When you downgrade back to a non-beta version, the process can be too laborious and might not be fun. Even if you are veteran beta users, you are likely to face difficulties in downgrading back to iOS 8.

3. Putting your Phone on the Line


We are aware of the fact that the beta version always has errors and bugs. The main aim of beta release is to ensure that you can explore the different features and find out the issues which you are facing which could be subsequently reported. This is why we're against the use of the beta version. If you own a single Apple device, we would recommend you to be even more careful because if it hampers your device or it doesn't works the way you expect, you might end up facing too many issues and your productivity and work may get hampered as well.

When the full public version is released, it will be thoroughly checked and tested and would be bug free. It would definitely be a lot better and safer option. There are a lot of apps that may not function properly in the beta mode and so if you don't want this additional hassle, it is better to avoid the beta download.

4. Wi-Fi Issues


This is another common problem which a lot of beta users face. The Wi-Fi and even cellular connectivity can get impacted and it might disrupt the ease with which you have been using your device. You need to know that it is not important that every beta user is going to face Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity issues but what we rather mean is that it is a very common problem. This is the reason you need to understand if opting for beta is worth the trouble. Think of how frustrating it would be when you would have to work without any internet access on your device. Since the beta versions have been rolled out, there are official reports that state that the final version is likely to be released in the fall of 2015. Hence, it is simply a matter of time.

5. The Health App


iOS 9 has brought in major changes to a lot of app and this also includes the health app. The health app has been offered numerous features and the beta versions allows it to monitor not just your ovulation cycle, menstruation cycle, but at the same time, it will also monitor your sexual activity as well. This is certainly not something which everyone will appreciate. Hence, if you are not in favor of these changes and because the iOS is still in beta, we would recommend you against downloading it. No one wants to share the details of their sexual activity and if you too are not willing to do it, it might be a good idea to wait for the full and complete public release of the new iOS version.

These are 5 of the main reasons which must have convinced you as to why choosing to avoid the beta download for iOS 9 might be a smarter choice. No doubt, the new version does come with some of the amazing feature and upgrades, but the bottom-line is that you need to measure if any of it is worth risking your device. If you are sensible enough, waiting for the public release seems to be a better choice to opt for.

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