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Blu-ray Ripper or Blu-ray Copier: Which Should be Choosen?


If you have large of Blu-ray collections, you may want to make a backup and create your own movie library. When looking for a tool to help people copy Blu-ray, you will find that there are two kinds of softwares, Blu-ray Ripper Software and Blu-ray Copy Software. So what’s the difference between Blu-ray Ripper Software and Blu-ray Copy Software and which one should be choosen?

Blu-Ray Copy Software

Blu-ray Copy software, a copy/backup utility. If you have a BD-ROM drive in your PC, this gives you everything you need to make backup copies of your Blu-ray discs. True to its name, Blu-ray Copy can duplicate your movies to either blank Blu-ray media or your hard drive. Generally, a Blu-ray Copy software provide "full copy" and "main movie copy" mode, the "full copy" mode provides a complete 1:1 copy, while "main movie copy" only copy the main movie from Blu-ray disc, without all the extras. The latter option might prove helpful if you’re building a media-center library on your PC and want to keep each movie’s footprint to a minimum.

Blu-Ray Ripper Software

The term “ripping” may not be a self-explanatory name. However, it means something very close to copying. Blu-ray ripper software has the ability to extract all data from a Blu-ray. Where Blu-ray ripper software differs from Blu-ray copy software is once the disc has been copied over to your hard drive, Blu-ray ripper software has the ability to convert the data to another file format.

The conversion process available in Blu-ray ripper software comes in handy when you have a Blu-ray that you would like to watch on media players and mobile devices. Just make sure to get Blu-ray ripper software that can rip your discs into the format you need most. Quality of output file is a important aspect of choosing a Blu-ray Ripper.

2017 Top Blu-Ray Copy Software Recommended

Copy Software
Copy categories

Disabling DRM

Full Copy Main Title Region AACS UOP DRM HDCP BD+ BD-ROM
Blu-ray Ripper
yes yes yes yes unknow yes yes yes yes
Blu-ray Copy
yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Blu-ray Copy
yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
yes yes yes yes unknow yes unknow yes yes
Blu-ray Copy
yes yes yes yes unknow unknow yes yes yes
Blu-ray Copy
yes yes yes yes unknow unknow unknow yes yes

2017 Best Blu-Ray Ripper Software Recommended

Ripper Software
Blu-ray Ripper
Blu-ray ripper
BD Software Toolkit
Output Formats
H.264 yes yes yes yes
H.265 yes unknow unknow yes
DivX, XviD yes yes yes yes
MKV, MP4 yes yes yes yes
AVI,WMV yes yes yes unknow
MOV yes yes yes yes
M4V yes unknow yes unknow
M3U8 yes unknow unknow unknow
FLV, SWF yes yes yes unknow
3D MKV yes yes yes yes
3D MP4/MOV/AVI yes yes yes unknow
3GP,VOB, TS, DV... yes yes yes unknow
Optimized Presset for Devices
Apple Devices yes yes yes yes
Android yes yes yes yes
Game consoles yes unknow unknow unknow
NLEs yes unknow unknow unknow
Eidt Functions
Add SRT subtitle yes unknow unknow unknow
Merge & Split Video yes yes unknow unknow
Trim & Crop Video yes yes unknow unknow
Adjust Video size, bitrate yes yes unknow unknow
Reset Audio channel, codec yes yes unknow unknow
GPU Acceleration yes yes unknow unknow
Extract SRT Subtitle yes unknow unknow unknow

Obviously, Brorsoft Blu-ray Ripper is an all-in-one Blu-ray Rippr and Copier Software, which not only can copy the Blu-ray with both "full copy" and "main movie copy" mode, but also can be rip Blu-ray to all popular SD and HD (3D) video formats like 4K/1080P/720P MP4, MOV, MKV, M4V, WMV, FLV, AVI, 3GP, MPEG, etc.

It has both Windows and Mac version, and Free Trail version available:

trail-for-windows trail-for-mac

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