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Donald | 2018-08-14
I have an anniversary gift DVD, and it didn't work on any of the three DVD players that I have. Use Brorsoft DVD Ripper to convert the DVD to AVI so that it would play in the dvd/blu-ray player. Good performance.

Worked like a charm!

herbert | 2017-05-09
I want convert DVD disc to 1080p HD and this application took care of that for me. The final converted video looked great in on my tablet.

how good it is

benjamin | 2017-03-09
one of the best app to rip dvd to digital files for playing on-the-go

Love this Product!

PT | 2017-01-28
this program is very useful and amazing!

love it

qiara | 2016-12-11
Your product is fantastic

GREAT Product!

Brian | 2016-09-07
I love Brorsoft Blu-ray Ripper and DVD Ripper. Easy to use and Fun.

Very good

Minh | 2016-05-24
Definitely surpassed my expectations and is a great simple but useful DVD ripping tool!

100% Gold DVD Ripper!!!!

Johanneburg | 2016-02-22
It does exactly what it says it does. Best of all is the speed of ripping DVD. A great DVD ripping software for all to use.


Carl | 2015-11-03
i love brorsoft dvd ripper software

Wonderful software(review)

shanebell | 2015-09-26
This software is very nice and easily to use, have many settings that we can''t find at another software, i like the effects in this software as it has many types.....

Love the software

dmw18045 | 2015-07-18
this software is very good fast and do his job very good

Thank You so much!

Flávia | 2015-03-21
I was truly thankful to find this program. I had a very large numbers of DVD disc and want to backup on my Home Server. Brorsoft did the job! Rip all my DVD disc to the digital file for storingon my Home Server and did not compromise the quality of the movie. Love IT!


archelle therese pabillore | 2014-12-15
What an amazing program. Rip my DVD perfectly. Also Audio is been converted perfect. The program must have 6 stars.

Love the software

Girlonamission | 2014-09-28
this software is very good fast and do his job very good

Easiest and simple yet detailed program

Timothy Frederick | 2015-05-28
I'm Timothy, and I have been looking for a way to archive my home DVDs. DVD ripper has been the most easiest and simple yet detailed program I have used in my quest to find a good DVD ripping program.

Rips 75 dvds without any issues and keeps High quality

Bill | 2014-12-16
So far I have used it to rip about 75 dvds without any issues. Most of the rips have been the high quality ipad setting.?I have mostly been ripping them to put into a Plex media server.


Evensen | 2014-02-19
This is one of the best DVD rippers I have ever used! It works flawlessly, and has a user friendly UI!

convenient and easy to use

Jay McNei | 2013-11-14
This amazing software is convenient and easy to use. It can rip your DVD into any format you choose. I recommend it to first-time users and even to users who need something that is both powerful and fast.

The software delivers what it promessed

Luc Boerjan | 2013-11-13
The software delivers what it promessed and is very easy to install and to use. A brief moment later I could convert my dvd's to avi with subtitles and watch them on my tablet. I'm sure there are many tools to do this but brorsoft made his promise come true and because I had no time to waste, I chose this product and I'm very satisfied.


Scott Thomas | 2013-10-17
So far I love the software. When I was looking for a program to use I tried several others that also came across in google searches such as anyvideoconverter, AVS video converter, Handbrake, DVDFAB, and several others over the past few months, (all free versions). All of them had their weakness's and to say the least were frustrating to use. When I came across Brorsoft I only used it for two movies and and knew that it was exactly what I was looking for. I have had NO issues at all and it works flawlessly every time. One feature that I absolutely love is that I can put a dvd into the rom tray and convert to an MP4 instantly. VERY CONVENIENT! I use the software primarily to put the my kids VDs on their portable devices (Samsung Galaxy Tab 3) and also some ipod devices.


Jay McNeil | 2013-10-05
Brorsoft's DVD Ripper has a lot of great features, such as customizable output formats, intuitive clip trimming, and so on. Best of all, it works flawlessly. It's amazing!

Thank you for your excellent services!

Sylvain | 2013-09-01
I have to buy the Mac version and also the Windows version and I have had a very good service from you because I speak English and not much you care for we even then I have to speak French for you to my other friends and have it buy your software and I will continue to thank you buy from thank you.

Meet your high expectation

Aylmer | 2013-03-23
This DVD ripper meets my expectations! It converts fast and provides various options to let you personalize the output video. Thanks very much for developing such a great app!

Worked like a charm

Gerald Kilpatrick | 2013-01-18
I am a medically retired engineer and with only the government pension as income, I do not have a lot of free cash available. I buy many DVDs, in fact I now have about 500. As I have three daughters, I have a lot of the Walt Disney films that get played dozens of times. Although these DVD are very good, they are one of the more expensive brands. A lot of people think that DVDs are virtually indestructible and last for ever and never get faulty. I hate to say, DVDs can be destroyed, especially by pets with sharp teeth, and stop playing if they are spread over with jam. Also if you are not very careful taking them out of their cases and putting them into a player, can easily get scratch and when they are played have video jumps or lock ups etc.

Therefore, immediately I buy a DVD, I back it up. Before I bought Brorsoft DVD ripper this was often not successful, as, in order to prevent illegal copying, the anti-copy protection methods that some video companies put on their DVDs, also prevent legal backing up. Therefore I would recommend the Brorsoft DVD ripper to all people who do not simply buy a DVD, play it a few times, then buy another copy when the last copy gets ruined, and repeat this again and again etc etc. The name suggests that this software is used to illegally rip off (pirate) DVDs. I can assure you that it is much more useful for totally legal uses.

Simple to use and well worth the investment. Highly recommended.

Jay Schroeder | 2012-12-22
I quickly discovered that there are a lot of DVD rippers and converters on the market. I downloaded several trial versions to try. I decided on Brorsoft's DVD Ripper because, it not only would do what I needed but, because I'm a novice at this, even I could operate the user interface. Most of all, since I am a novice, I appreciated the quick and helpful response to the questions that I had.

Worth Every Penny

Richard Vardaman | 2012-01-30
I have been using Brorsoft for years now. I have tried other copy programs but Brorsoft produces a copy that is equeal to what comes off the shelf. I copy everything to an external hard drive for future use.

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