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How to Recover Deleted Reminders from iPhone 6 Selectively

You may always use Reminders app in your iPhone 6 to notice something important. While, it is very easy to lose them due to many reasons like accidental deletion, device crash, etc. How to retrieve lost reminders on iPhone 6 easily? This article will give you a simple way to recover deleted reminders from iPhone 6 selectively.

Apple offers us two ways although- The contents in the Reminders app can be backed up in iTunes or iCloud, and can be restored to iPhone when the files are lost. But this is limited to that you have made backup before losing files and data. Moreover, restoring iPhone means all the data in your iPhone will be replaced by the contents in the backup.

Actually, you don't need to recover the deleted reminders by restoring your iPhone 6 with the entire backup file, because this may result in data overriding. You can recover the reminders selectively from iPhone 6 with a powerful iPhone data recovery tool- Brorsoft iRefone for Mac.

Brorsoft iRefone is particularly developed for iOS devices users and supports recovering Contacts, Notes, Reminders, Voice Memos, Messages, Messages Attachments, WhatsApp Messages and Photos etc from iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch as well as iTunes/iCloud backup files. The most important is that it makes selective recovery of the lost data as you wish without restoring your Apple device. With the program, you can recover your lost or deleted reminders from iPhone 6 with ease. iRefone is available for both OS based Mac and Windows based PC. For Windows users, link to Brorsoft iRefone. Now download the software and begin our tutorial.

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Guide: Recover lost or deleted Reminders from iPhone 6 with iRefone

Step 1: Plug your iPhone 6 to your computer. Install and launch the registered version of iRefone. Click the bottom button of "Start" to get started. And by doing so, you have selected the recovery mode of "Recover from iOS Device".


Step 2: You will be presented with an interface demanding to choose a certain type of data to recover, in this article, our aim is to recover the lost reminders, so you need to click on the icon of Reminders.


Step 3: Preview and do some modifications on the exported reminders before hitting to recover. And if you just want the deleted reminders recovered to your computer, you can check to show the deleted items only and click "Recover to Mac".


When the recovering process is finished, you will get the recovered contents in the target folder. The recovered reminders can be viewed on your computer easily.

Additional Tips: Brorsoft iRefone for Mac can also enable you to recover lost reminders of iPhone 6 from iTunes backup and iCloud. After running the program, switch to the recovery mode of Recover from iTunes Backup or Recover from iCloud Backup. You can also retrieve deleted reminders on iPhone 6 with several clicks. Learn in details:

A. Recover Deleted iPhone Reminders via iTunes Backup

1. Select "Recover from iTunes Backup File". All backups created using iTunes will then be displayed. Select the Reminders you want to recover and start scanning.


2. When the scanning is finished, you can selectively mark and recover those reminders you want by click the "Recover to Mac" button on the bottom-right to save them on your computer.


B. Recover Deleted Reminders from iCloud Backup

1. Choose "Recover from iCloud Backup File" after running the program. Then sign in with your iCloud account.


2. Once you've got in, choose the backup file which contains your messages and click "next" to preview the backup content. It will be complete in a few minutes.


3. Choose the reminders by the category of "Reminders", tick the items you want and click "Recover to Mac". You can save your deleted reminders from iCloud backup to your computer now. Enjoy.

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